Rules And Conduct

Rules And Conduct

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1. It is compulsory for the student to have at least 90% attendance in school otherwise, he/she may be restricted to appear in the exams.

2. If the student gets absent for 3 consecutive days without any information then his/her name will be struck off.

3. If it is very urgent to take a leave then prior application must be sent for the Principal's consent otherwise absent will be marked.

4. It is compulsory for the students of board (X and XII) classes to appear in all the tests and exams conducted by the school. Students must attend the school in all teaching days.

5. It is compulsory for students to attend all the programmes organized by the school, failing which he must face the disciplinary action.

6. Fees must be deposited on time.

7. Student must follow all the rules and regulations of the school. Uniform, mannerism, civilized behavior with other students, teaching and non-teaching staff, peons and guards, no harm to the school property are the basic rules to be followed strictly.

8. Parents are restricted to meet teachers other than Parents Meetings. In case of urgence they can meet the Principal and resolve their problem.

9. Half day leave is not allowed.

10. Private tutions are prohibited in any case.

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