Our Founders

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 Barrister Narendrajeet Singh           Smt. Sushila Narendrajeet Singh                                                                                                      (Booji) 

  "Change thoughts into Deeds And Plans into actions Despite all the Hurdles And lack of resources Keep moving forward Aim at the efforts to reach the Goal We bow our heads To the Mighty soul"

Dr. Yogendra BhargavaMr. Yogendra Bhargava

Our goal is to equip children to think innovatively and to be creative throughout their lives. The future generation should be well aware of the values, traditions, and culture of our great nation. We encourage the students to have a modern outlook with prospective of education & changes in the world around us. Our school believes in extending the message of social commitment and human values.

Ms. Neetu SinghMs. Neetu Singh

We are single-mindedly dedicated towards our goals. With a deep rooted commitment to education we provide our students with cutting edge in technology with strong foundation in life skills. We go beyond traditional methods and ensure education to prepare the students facing the challenges of the world bravely.

Ms.Rekha Pachauri

Ms.Rekha Pachauri

School education lays the foundation for the future of the students and ensures a stable, successful and satisfied life. Education is a complete process that leads to the attainment of the full potential of the child. Our endeavor is to equip our students with life-skills to face the real world and facilitate them to be global citizens with tolerance, respect and appreciation of diverse cultures and religions for a life-time learning experience. We believe in inculcating strong values by converting every individual into a self-reliant and independent citizen for which the school provides an amalgam of scholastic and co-scholastic activities..

Ms. Bhawna TrivediMs. Bhawna Trivedi

We believe that every child is unique. Each one has a different pace of learning, which needs to be discovered by the school.Therefore, PDDUSDV strives to understand and fulfill the individual needs of its learners.we tickle the imagination of our children so that they can grasp faster. We encourage them to explore, experience,experiment and find their own path of discovery.

Ms. Rashmi ShuklaMs. Rashmi Shukla

Learning is the process of constantly updating in an ever changing world. The preliminary years are the most rapid changes in child's physical, intellectual emotional and social aspect. Learning at our school is based on the fundamental principles of life, teaching the children to be courageous, confident, disciplined, responsible and loyal. Education at our school provides a foundation for a lifetime of learning and is great fun too.

Ms. Parul MasounMs. Parul Masoun

The Early Childhood Education today is recognized as a crucial input for all the round growth and development of the child. Learning is the process of constantly updating in an ever-changing world. The first five-year experience of a child is most rapid changes to life and critical in a child's development. We at Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Sanatan Dharma Vidyalaya ensure the excellence and ample emphasis on the value of compassion for every child.

We ensure to create a caring environment with a stimulating and comprehensive program to foster, nurture and secure the socio-emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual development of each child and endowing them with patriotic feelings and civic-minded spirit.


The education is the system of refining man's life experiences. Each experience of life is called education. In fact "the whole life of a man is education and education is life".

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 Digital Education

Digital Education

  • Connectivity to the internet.
  • Digital classroom facilities.
  • Interactive white boards.
  • Projectors, computers.
  • And many more.
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1) Digital Classes are a unique and exclusive interactive system to solve academic problems and to teach the fusion of class activities as well as multimedia activities for creating a qualitative academic environment.
2) The interactive system is developed on the basis of maximum learning and experience model. The class aims at the logical and social development as well as understanding of whole syllabus.
3) Various Audio-visual methods are used to discuss syllabus effectively.
4) Digital classes are used to teach difficult subjects in as easy – yet – interesting way.
Educational ERP

Educational ERP

    EZ-School Education ERP, empowers its teachers to get rid of all non teaching work such as preparing results, attendance register, collecting fees etc. and helps them to just concentrate on quality teaching. EZ-School has also helped our parents to stay connected with School 24/7 online and can access all sorts of information about their ward.


    • Anveshnam
    • Swaranjali
    • Nrityanjali
    • Phalakriti
    • Patakriti
    • Le Panga
    • Vayas Kalpin
    Ashwamedha is an initiation to spread the message of peace and happiness all around us. Ashwamedha conceived out of the inspiration of the legendary Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya ji who believed in progress and 'Ekatm Manavdarshan'. This fest comprises of events based on literary, cultural and sports events with an aim to promote the world of schooling by reviewing the era of Rama and moving with a thought of progressing for being better than ever so as to make this world a better place to live in.