School has set the time-table in which activity – classes are given space to emphasize the talent of students. Students participate in activities like extempore,elocution,debates, recitations,singing,dancing,one act plays through inter house activities and also inter school events.


The school is renowned for the strength and depth of its music programme. A fully-equipped Music room with all the instruments like tabla, sitar, harmonium, synthesizer and drum etc. Students get training for vocal as well as instrumental music.

Stem Bridge Activity

Education is "the" building block for a society. The role of education is to provide tools which can be used to understand the past, analyze the present and build the future. In today's world when everything is changing with a frantic pace, how education is brought to student is also changing. The modern world education requires different ways of delivery. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education lays a strong foundation for technological innovations which the world is seeking. In order to trigger students’ interest and hone their skills in the STEM, The school has a tie up with the Stem Bridge Labs which brings a unique solution that promotes critical thinking in these disciplines.