Vision & Mission

Pt. DeenDayal Upadhyaya Sanatan Dharma Vidyalaya, Azad Nagar, Kanpur is based upon the principles of the Great patriot, intellect, educationist and inspiration- Swami Vivekanand.

Education is the system of refining man's life experiences. Each experience of life is called education. In fact "the whole life of a man is education and education is life". Whatever behavior that widens the knowledge of a man, deepens his insight refines his reactions, excites his passions and actions or other ways, is called education. The aim of education is the balanced and complete development of man. Education is the all round development of man's inner powers, mind and body.

Brahma created this universe with a wish of 'unity in diversity.' He created 'Deities', who, after reaching the peak of religious and spiritual development, indulged in luxuries. Then he gave birth to 'Demons' who indulged in destruction. Realizing his incompletion of creation, he started creating something unique and exclusive. In this way, he gave birth to a creature which was more powerful than Deities and Demons. He was the 'Man'. This man was thoughtful, innovative and learned. He enlarged his family and formed a society. He acknowledged the meaning of Vedic Mantra- "ऋतेज्ञानान्नमुक्ति:" means there is no salvation without knowledge. Thus, to acquire knowledge he went to Rishikuls and Gurukuls which are called school s or colleges today.